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2022/2023 Dance Season
September 6th- May 20th


Tuition is an annual fee base on our 35 week dance season, broken up into 9 installments. 

Payments are due on the first of each month, September 1st- May 1st. 

The number of weeks in each month will vary.


Tuition per Student

1 class per week: $55 per month

2 classes per week: $105 per month

3 or more classes per week: $155 per month


October 31st, November 24th,

December 23rd- January 1st

February 19th-26th, April 16th - 23rd


Dress Rehearsal

Friday, May 19th

Narragansett Regional High School


Annual Recital

Saturday, May 20th

Narragansett Regional High School

Dancers must be enrolled in classes before December 1st in
order to participate in the annual May dance reci


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