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Class Description

Tiny Dancer
Our "Tiny Dancer" program is a parent-child class that uses music, movement, and creative props to work on motor skill development and socialization in a fun, nuturing environment.  Leotards or comfortable clothing and pink ballet slippers or socks may be worn.  

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms.  This class focuses on proper technique,
body alignment, balance, strength, and discipline.  Students will perform
barrework, centerwork, and travelling steps across the floor.  Ballet is very valuable
to a student's progression as a dancer.  Pink ballet slippers, pink tights, and any
color/style leotard may be worn.  Ballet skirts or form fitting shorts are optional.
Boys please have black pants, T-shirt and black ballet slippers.

Tap dance enhances a student's rhythm, agility, and musicality.  Students learn tap
techniques, terminology, and intricate footwork.  Steps will be performed in the
center and also travelling across the floor.  Students wear black tap shoes and
comfortable clothing.

Jazz is a fun and energetic style that is perfect for the dancer who cannot sit still!  
Classes consist of a warm up, stretching, isolations, jumps, turns and fast moving
routines.  Black jazz shoes, tights, and any color/style leotard may be worn.  Form
fitting shorts or pants are optional.  Boys wear loose comfortable clothing.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is one of many jazz dance styles.  This is a high energy class that uses
upbeat and popular music.  Students learn fun moves that develop their individual
style and stage performance.  Clean black sneakers and loose comfortable clothing
may be worn.

Contemporary appeals to the creative and artistic dancer.  Classes focus on breath,
dynamics, energy, and connection, which brings quality to one's movement.  
Expressiveness and freedom of individuality is developed.  Dancers are barefoot and
wear any color/style leotard.  Shorts/pants are optional.

 Just Dance is an Acrobatic Arts Certified studio.  Arco will develop a dancer's flexibility and strength. Dancers will work on tumbling skills and stretching while using mats and acrobatic equipment.  Dancers are required to take at least on additional dance class, as the recital performance will include tumbling, acrobatics and dancing.  Dancers are barefoot and comfortable clothing may be worn.

Theater Dance
Theater Dance is an upbeat class that focuses on Broadway style choreography.  
Students learn musical theater style dance and show stopping routines.  Dancers of
all levels are encourage to join!  Black jazz shoes, tights, and any color/style leotard may be worn.  Form fitting shorts or pants are optional.  Boys wear loose comfortable clothing.



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